Pictures from the Watkins Glen Post

WWII - Airedale Robert Burnside (2nd row, 5th from left) joins the rest of the aviation crew aboard his heavily decorated carrier the USS Hancock, CV-19 for this picture. Visit
Vietnam Era - Airman 2nd Class Judythe Bell (Walters) straightens a newly added picture in the debriefing room at the Charleston AFB MATS Passenger Terminal. A2C Bell poses for a picture in the terminal, then in front of the WAF barracks. Visit
Vietnam Era - A recently commissioned Ens. Fred Hall with Boatswain Chief John Miller take a break before a ceremony aboard the USS Harold J. Ellison, DD-864 (visit Fred directs an H-46 unloading operation aboard the Ellison. Being the junior officer aboard when the ship crossed the Arctic Circle, Fred gets to paint the "bullnose" blue.



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